Back to School

In my immediate family, I am the least educated of the bunch. My husband graduated from college in his 20s like a normal person. So did my daughter and my oldest son. My middle son is a junior in college. My youngest son will start his sophomore year in college in September. This mom is now an adult learner. I work full time and take a couple of classes a trimester through the Pathway program through BYU-Idaho. I meet once a week with my cohort in Northwest Las Vegas, with other “31 and over” aged students. I’m almost done with the second trimester, and have one more trimester to complete in December. After I complete that, I will be able to enroll as a matriculating student and take all of my courses online, and won’t be required to attend the weekly in-person class anymore.
grandma computer

The Pathway program is basically setting a student up for success in training us to use good study skills; know how to use resources like the library and tutoring center; and encourages us to learn through teaching. Each week we meet with our cohort, and class is student led. Pathway missionaries are on hand to support, encourage and facilitate, but for the most part we take turns delivering a prepared lesson (with different teaching options). We start each class with a hymn and a prayer, and finish each class with prayer. I can honestly say that praying for the spirit when I start my homework has made a huge difference in my ability to learn and retain knowledge that’s been necessary for me to be able to write papers and take tests and understand concepts that were previously uncharted territory for me. The brain of a 50-something is not as nimble as it was when I was younger. However maturity has its perks – no longer do I have to decide between an all-night party vs. studying for class like I did in the 80s… I’m a much more committed student now than I was then.

I’m hoping since this is all online, that when I get to Abu Dhabi I will have more free time to take more than 6 units at a time and get my Associates Degree within my first year of arriving there.

I want my little piece of paper to put in an Ikea frame and hang on the wall just like the rest of the family!


About HeartFacesWest

Working Empty-Nest Wife/Mom/Grammie. Soon to be a trailing spouse and moving 8,194 miles across the world. Trying to document the experience from preparing to move and all the changes and opportunities that I will experience.
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