19 days ’til he flies off to Abu Dhabi

The past month has flown by – I feel like I have little spare time right now. I have been busy with:

– Welcoming my youngest son home after a 2-year church mission to Mexico. It has been wonderful seeing how much he has grown and matured living outside of the country. He left as a wonderful but goofy teenager and came back as a thoughtful and generous man. vaquero mateo1

– Finishing up my semester of classes through BYU-Idaho. I’m happy to say I got A’s in English and my Religion class, whoop whoop! 6 weeks off from homework before we start again.

– Work is intense right now – I have a large event early in September with Station Managers from 100 different airports coming in and I am in charge of all the coordinating and planning for it… no rest for the weary until after that is over.

– Spent a long weekend in Minnesota and Wisconsin with my husband and two youngest sons. Son# 2 is interning in Communications at a large Scout camp in Wisconsin. Son# 3 hasn’t hung out with his brother in almost 4 years, due to their overlapping missions, so they were reunited and it was awesome to see them tease, poke, shove and wrestle each other again, just like the old days.

We are less than three weeks away from sending my hubby off to Abu Dhabi to start his new adventure. We are busy getting him ready with new suits, new luggage, and a new computer. And a crummy little track phone, as he generously gave up his Samsung Galaxy to Son# 3, since he’ll be getting a new phone in Abu Dhabi. Hubby is actively going through his boxes of “stuff” in the garage and purging so that I don’t have to make those decisions for him later on. I will be staying in the States until the first of 2015.

We are going to be separated for awhile, so we are making the most of the time we have left. This morning it was amazingly cool for August in Las Vegas… we are expecting monsoons tonight to last through tomorrow, so the sun was hidden in the clouds this morning. We went ATV’ing in Eldorado Canyon and it was awesome. We couldn’t have asked for better weather – what a blessing! This was on my bucket list to do, and last Mother’s Day, Hubby got us an ATV package – we finally used it today.


About HeartFacesWest

Working Empty-Nest Wife/Mom/Grammie. Soon to be a trailing spouse and moving 8,194 miles across the world. Trying to document the experience from preparing to move and all the changes and opportunities that I will experience.
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